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Posted On November 27, 2019 Personal Injury

What Should You Consider Before Changing Your Attorney in a Personal Injury Case?

As your personal injury case comes along, there may be events that make you reconsider your choice of attorney. Maybe you feel you are not being represented well, or that the fees charged by your attorney are not worth the services being provided. Maybe your lawyer misled you as to when the case would be resolved.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a change of legal scenery, California law is clear. You are allowed to change attorneys at any point throughout Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Truck Accidents

What Should You Do After a Semi-Truck Accident in California?

California is a leader in many areas, including traffic stats. Our state is home to more registered vehicles than any other, and it’s not even close. Working in the Riverside area, we’re familiar with a southern California commute.

An unfortunate part of living in the Inland Empire is that you may have to spend a good deal of time on the road. And with time on the road, that means contact with semi-trucks.

California is a big site for international Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Pain & Suffering,Personal Injury

How Do California Lawyers Calculate Pain and Suffering?

If you’ve suffered a serious injury, you likely have to deal with more than medical bills.

You also suffer from lost wages, psychological scars, and so much more. While nothing can make that pain go away, you might be eligible for compensation for your pain and suffering.

First, though, you need to know the answer to, “How do insurance companies determine pain and suffering?”

Pain and Suffering 101: What Is Pain and Suffering?

Before answering the question, “How do lawyers Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Product Liability

In California, Companies are Always Responsible for the Safety of Their Products

Unlike other types of personal injury lawsuits, negligence is NOT a deciding factor in whether or not a company is responsible for your injuries.

Today’s article will examine a few of the unique details of product liability cases in California, and will hopefully shed some light on whether or not you have a case.

What makes a solid product liability case?

In general, your lawyer must prove four things in order to have a successful case:

That the defendant manufactured, Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Pain & Suffering,Personal Injury

California Pain and Suffering Caps Can Drastically Affect Your Personal Injury Case

It’s tough to say just how much your pain is worth, but that’s exactly what your lawyer will try to do in your personal injury case.

Let’s go over a few basic points about pain and suffering damages in California—and why they can have a huge impact on your case’s final payout.

Is there a cap on pain and suffering damages in California?

Pain and suffering is part of a group known as “non-economic” damages. Non-economic damages are awarded to Read More

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