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Posted On March 26, 2020 Lawyers

COVID-19 Announcement

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is affecting many aspects of our lives, and on-going insurance claims and litigation are no exception. Please know that the attorneys and staff at Montgomery|Steele are prepared for such circumstances; we built our business continuity plan to be ready for situations like this long before COVID-19.

Below are just a few of the ways that we will help you bring a claim even when you may be subject to quarantine or shelter order:

New clients can Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Lawyers,Personal Injury

Why You Should See a Doctor Immediately After Your Accident

After you’ve been in an accident, it’s vital that you visit a medical expert—not just for your own health and wellbeing, but also so that all of your injuries can be documented for future insurance claims.

Skipping this crucial step—even if you feel fine—could cost you big in the future.

What Happens if I Don’t See a Doctor After a Crash?

As it turns out, refusing to see a doctor after your crash or injury is one of the biggest Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Lawyers

Pros and Cons of Settling a Moreno Valley Personal Injury Case

Wondering whether you should accept a settlement offer or proceed to court with your personal injury case? The answer isn’t always clear-cut, but this post should help you decide.

What happens when a Moreno Valley personal injury case is filed?

Before we get to settlements and court dates, we need to cover what happens right after your case is filed.

Filing a case the right way means giving the defendant written notice of your case. After they’ve been given a Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Lawyers,Personal Injury

7 Secrets of Choosing the Best Personal Injury Attorney

When it comes to making or breaking your personal injury case, one of the most important components is your attorney.

The right attorney knows personal injury law like the back of his hand. They’re ready to fight on your behalf for all the compensation you deserve, and they’re ready to put you and your case first.

But what are the signs of a great lawyer? How do you separate the winners from the losers? Well, here are seven of the Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Lawyers,Personal Injury

What Are the Requirements for a Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, that doesn’t automatically give you the basis for a successful personal injury claim. To recover monetary compensation, you and your lawyers must first prove three things…

Three Basic Requirements for a Personal Injury Case Those responsible for your accident behaved carelessly or negligently. For example, a driver who runs a red light and rear-ends your vehicle would be considered negligent because he ignored the traffic light. The other person’s negligence caused your injury. Read More
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