Posted On November 27, 2019 Redlands

7 Secrets of Choosing the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Redlands

When it comes to your personal injury case, the most important piece of the puzzle is your Inland Empire personal injury lawyer.

The difference between a good attorney and a mediocre attorney is like night and day. You need a lawyer who’s willing to fight for you, winning you the highest payout possible in the process.

But how do you separate the great lawyers from the bad ones? Well, that’s exactly what today’s post is going to cover.

1. Find a Redlands personal injury lawyer who specializes in personal injury law.

Personal injury law is highly specialized, and a lawyer who also practices bankruptcy or divorce law (or anything else) just has too much on his plate to handle your personal injury case.

Get a personal injury specialist to see the best results for your case.

2. Pick a lawyer with a history of taking cases to trial (when necessary).

Unlike how lawyers are portrayed on TV and in the movies, most personal injury attorneys have never set foot in a courtroom—or seldom do.

Lawyers who have a reputation for settling out of court are easy prey for insurance companies. When you pick one of these attorneys, you’re virtually guaranteed to see less compensation than you actually deserve.

While settling your case is sometimes the best option, you need a lawyer who knows when to reach a settlement and when to take the other side to court—doing whatever it takes to win your maximum payout.

3. Choose a Redlands personal injury attorney with a track record of full payouts from verdicts and settlements.

Not every case will reach a million-dollar verdict or settlement, but it’s important to choose an attorney who knows how to win big. If you pick a lawyer who’s used to getting pushed around by insurance companies, you can’t expect to have a better outcome.

Look for lawyers with a record of winning cases similar to yours, and check to see if they regularly get the maximum legally allowed payout for those clients.

4. Find a personal injury lawyer in Redlands who gives your case their full attention.

Too many law firms are overworked and understaffed, with the firm’s top partners usually passing off cases to caseworkers and legal assistants.

You really want an attorney who will give your case their full attention, meaning you’ll be working directly with an actual lawyer throughout the entirety of your case.

5. Find a law firm with the resources to handle your case.

Go with your gut. Based on the firm’s offices, the way your lawyer dresses, the way they talk…do they seem successful?

Preparing a personal injury case can be costly, sometimes running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Are you confident that your law firm has the budget to properly build your case?

6. Pick an attorney who lets you talk with past clients.

Online reviews are great (especially when those reviews are as good as ours), but you’ll also need to find a personal injury lawyer who lets you speak with past clients.

A lawyer who wins cases will have happy clients, and many of those clients will have no problem speaking with you about their experience. If your attorney claims that speaking with former clients is impossible, that should be a big red flag.

7. Choose a lawyer who doesn’t require you to pay anything up-front.

Nowadays, it’s basically expected that you won’t be paying your personal injury attorney until you win your case. It just makes sense, right?

But we take it a step further. Working through our unique network of local doctors and medical experts, we’ll help you get the treatment you need to focus on your life while we prepare your case—at no cost to you.

Choose your attorney wisely.

Picking a bad personal injury attorney will sink your case through delays, errors, and payouts that are far less than what you actually deserve.

Don’t take the risk. Do your research carefully and pick a pro who’s ready and willing to fight and win, not just roll over and accept the other side’s first offer. When you’re ready to achieve the biggest payout possible, give us a call. Afterall we just aren’t Redlands best personal injury attorneys, we are the best personal injury attorneys in all of the Inland Empire.

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