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7 Secrets of Choosing the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Chino Hills

When it comes to making or breaking your case, THE most important piece of the puzzle is your attorney.

Good attorneys know personal injury law inside and out. They’re ready to fight for you, and they’re ready to put your case first.

But how do you find the best personal injury lawyer in Chino Hills? How do you separate the fighters from the losers?

Here are seven sure signs of a top-flight personal injury lawyer—the legal pros who will give your case an edge.

1. Find a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law.

Personal injury law is highly specific, requiring specialized knowledge and a unique skill set. Choosing a firm that also handles divorces, bankruptcies and other legal fields is a recipe for disaster.

Lawyers who take on every case that lands on their doorstep just don’t have the focus to get you the results you deserve.

2. Pick a lawyer with a history of taking cases to trial (when necessary).

One of the dirty secrets of the legal world is that many lawyers (including ones you may have seen on TV, online, or on billboards around town) have never stepped inside a courtroom.

Settling is sometimes the best option for your case, but these guys can’t (and won’t) take your case to trial when push comes to shove.

Insurance companies will never let up the pressure when they see you being represented by a lawyer with a reputation for settling and caving to their demands. Pick a lawyer who isn’t afraid of a fight.

3. Choose a lawyer with a track record of full payouts from verdicts and settlements.

Although not every case is going to win a million-dollar settlement or verdict, it’s important to choose a personal injury attorney in Chino Hills who still knows how to win big.

Even if your case is relatively simple, you need legal counsel with a determination to get you every last penny that you deserve, and nothing less. That means finding lawyers with a track record of winning the maximum possible payout for cases like yours.

4. Find a lawyer who gives your case their full attention.

Many law firms are understaffed and overworked and, more often than not, your case will be handed off to a caseworker instead of one of the firm’s partners.

You want and need to work with a lawyer because only a lawyer will give your case the full attention you deserve. When you meet your new attorney for the first time, one of your very first questions should be whether or not the lawyer directly handles your case.

5. Find a law firm with the resources to handle your case.

Does your lawyer look successful? Do they dress well? Is their body language confident? Is their office nice? These aren’t superficial questions at all—if your lawyer is doing well and winning on a regular basis, you’ll be able to tell.

The fact of the matter is that preparing a case can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you need a team with the resources to properly manage your case.

Your lawyer’s office doesn’t need to look like a royal palace, but they should inspire confidence when you meet them.

6. Pick an attorney who lets you talk with past clients.

Good attorneys win cases, and attorneys who win cases have happy clients. Any lawyer who refuses to let you contact past clients probably doesn’t have any that would put in a good word.

While you’re conducting your search online, be sure to use Google and Yelp to weed out lawyers with bad reviews.

7. Choose a lawyer who doesn’t require you to pay anything up-front.

Nowadays it should be expected that your attorney will cover your legal fees until your case produces results, so absolutely make sure that’s how your legal team operates before you pick an attorney.

We take it a step further by covering our clients’ medical bills as soon as we take on your case, using our network of medical experts to get you the best care possible—at no cost to you—until we win your case.

Choose your attorney wisely.

The wrong attorney will sink your case, whether that’s through unnecessary delay, errors, or getting you a payout that doesn’t cover all of your expenses.

On the other hand, the only way to guarantee the highest chance of success is to pick the best attorney possible. When you’re ready to work with a fighter who’s ready to win you the biggest payout possible, give us a call.

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