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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Posted On November 27, 2019 California

California Premises Liability—Who’s Really Responsible for Your Injury?

Property owners have a duty to keep their land and facilities safe for those who are reasonably expected to be using their property. When you’re hurt on someone else’s property—whether your accident occurs at a hotel, grocery store, construction site or elsewhere—the owner may be held responsible for your injuries.

Read on to find out just what the law has to say about California premises liability, and whether or not you might have a case.

What do California laws have Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Food Poisoning

Can I Sue for Food Poisoning in California?

Under California state law, victims of food poisoning are permitted to seek damages from food service companies, restaurants, grocery stores, manufacturers and more for costs associated with their illness.

Today, let’s go over some of our most frequently asked questions regarding foodborne illnesses and food poisoning lawsuits, and how they might be relevant for your case.

When can I sue a restaurant, food service companies or grocery store for food poisoning?

Restaurants could be liable for damages caused by your Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Bicycle Accidents

Do You Have a Bicycle Accident Case in California?

California’s personal injury laws allow anyone hurt in a bicycle accident to file a lawsuit against those responsible—including wrongful death lawsuits for families who have lost a loved one in a cycling accident.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most common questions we get regarding cycling accidents, and try to help you figure out if you have a case.

1. Under what circumstances can I file a lawsuit after a bicycle accident in California?

After your accident, Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Car Accidents

California Car Accident Laws That Could Make or Break Your Case

After any accident in California, drivers have obligations when it comes to reporting the accident. This article will go over those rules, as well as laws regarding at-fault drivers, financial responsibility, and other California laws that could have a huge impact on your case.

Reporting Car Accidents to Law Enforcement

According to California state law, if a crash results in any deaths or injuries, then the driver of any vehicle involved in a car crash (or a representative of that Read More

Posted On November 27, 2019 Car Accidents

California Car Insurance Requirements That Could Impact Your Case

This article takes a look at how California law determines financial responsibility in regard to car accidents, registered vehicles and car insurance, and how these laws work with insurance claims and lawsuits following a car accident.

What Does California’s “Fault” System Mean for Your Case?

California determines liability for car accidents in cities like Riverside based on a “fault” system, where drivers are financially responsible for the effects of any and all accidents that they cause.

For those hurt in Read More

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