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Peter P. Recovers $100,000 from His Car Accident

The Situation:

Peter suffered a rear-end collision on the freeway. Small impact, only a few thousand dollars in property damage. Peter’s own doctors said he had a slight spinal sprain, prescribed him pain meds, and sent him on his way. He was looking at a pittance from the insurance company, and why argue considering the small scope of his injuries?

How We Helped:

We got Peter a second opinion through our own network of healthcare specialists. Not so fast—the neurologist could see that Peter was suffering from a congenital spine defect—made worse by the accident. One simple MRI and a closer look at Peter’s case transformed his $5k settlement into the maximum payout the insurance company could provide.

The Result: $100,000

Peter P.

I am so thankful I contacted Montgomery Steele after I got into my car accident. Without them I wouldn't have recovered the money I deserved from the injuries I sustained because of my car accident. Thank you JT and Mike!

Ashley G. Recovers $100,000 from Her Motorcycle Accident

The Situation:

When a pickup truck pulled out of a side street in front of Ashley’s motorcycle, causing her to lay down her bike. Luckily, Ashley avoided a much worse accident. Unluckily, she suffered some minor lower back and hip strains—and received an equally minor offer of $800 from the carrier.

How We Helped:

Instead of focusing on Ashley’s more obvious injuries, we emphasized the possibility of a traumatic brain injury caused by Ashley’s head impacting the street. A second opinion from our neurologist revealed much more serious issues—brain damage—and led to recovery of Ashley’s entire available insurance amount.

The Result: $100,000

Ashley G.

Without Montgomery Steele I would have been in a bad place after my motorcycle accident. Thankfully I contacted JT and Mike and got the money I deserved, which I wouldn't have gotten without them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Megan R. Recovers $100,000 from Her Car Accident

The Situation:

Megan suffered a rear-end accident that many people would have walked away from without receiving compensation, made worse by the fact that the other driver was uninsured and Megan didn’t carry uninsured motorist coverage. Although the accident was making some of Megan’s existing medical conditions worse, she was just out of options.

How We Helped:

After a tough search, we managed to track down an alternate defendant for Megan’s case. After reaching a five-figure settlement, Megan began receiving payments in installments that finally helped her pay for the medical treatment she needed (and deserved).

The Result: $70,000

Megan R.

JT and Mike are the best. I don't know what I would have done without them. Fortunately, I was put in contact with them and they won my case! I got the compensation I needed for my injuries. Thank you JT and Mike!

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