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Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident?
Riverside California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer / Attorney / Law Firm

Motorcycle accidents can change your life in a heartbeat, and you need the right motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to help you win the compensation you deserve.

We live in a state with close to 200,000 practicing lawyers, yet finding a good motorcycle accident lawyer is downright impossible. After your crash, those huge law firms are already planning how to settle your case in the fastest, easiest way possible—with no regard to how much money you actually need.

The big, expensive law firms can very rarely keep those bulldog lawyer types that you see on TV. The real fighters leave as soon as they get enough experience. They leave to start firms like ours, where integrity, confidence, winning, and client care take precedence over finding the easy way out.

Hurt in a motorcycle accident near Inland Empire? Get in touch immediately and let’s start planning your bulletproof case.

What kind of compensation could I be entitled to after a motorcycle accident?

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical costs, both future and current
  • Lost wages
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Property damages
  • Rental car expenses
  • Inconvenience
  • Disabilities
  • Scars
  • Permanent injuries

If the other driver was behaving recklessly, they could also be struck with punitive damages—especially if driving under the influence comes into play.

What if I was partially at fault?

The California legal system allows defendants to claim comparative negligence in order to reduce fault in your case. If the other driver, for example, claims to be just 30% at fault, they’re only responsible for 30% of the damages you’re seeking.

Should I speak with the other driver’s insurance company?

Comparative negligence is just one of the reasons you should never speak to the other side’s insurance adjuster. Their goal is to catch you in a trap, twist your words, and weasel out of paying you a cent based on your own statements—even if the other driver was 100% at fault.

Before you say a word to the insurance company, find a lawyer who knows all of their dirty tricks. It’s your best shot at winning the full amount of compensation you really deserve.

Besides calling Montgomery Steele, how else can I make sure I’m compensated for the crash?

Call the police and seek immediate medical attention, even if you feel OK. When possible, take pictures of the crash scene and collect names and contact info from witnesses.

While these steps are a great start, the real battle is just beginning.

Do I have a case?

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, let’s talk. Even if you’ve been shut down by another law firm, you could still have a strong case.

We’ll set you up with a free consultation, go over your crash in detail, and help you plan the first step for getting your maximum payout.

There’s no upside to waiting. Contact us now, and let’s get going.

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