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Attention Seniors: Your Age May Affect Your California Injury Case

Attention Seniors: Your Age May Affect Your California Injury Case

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Arguing with insurance companies can be tough. They will try to claim that your injuries are the result of preexisting conditions, and that the have no responsibility to pay for them.

This is even more common with elderly drivers, many of whom have long medical histories and preexisting conditions. Insurance companies will try to deny elderly drivers what they are owed, potentially leaving them without the ability to pay for their medical bills. That’s why you need an aggressive personal injury attorney who will fight to win you what you are owed.

Here, we’ll discuss how you can get the settlement you deserve if you are a senior citizen who has been involved in a car accident and need an attorney.

Seniors Are More Likely To Sustain Injuries In Accidents

Car accidents can cause serious injuries to drivers of all ages. But elderly drivers are even more vulnerable. They are much more likely to break bones in the accident, which can also cause other serious health complications. And they tend to be much slower to recover from injuries. This means that an injury that would be minor to a young person can be life threatening to an elderly driver.

California Laws Passed To Protect Seniors

Some personal injury claims are dismissed because a driver is too fragile, so the injuries caused to them are not the fault of the other driver. Fortunately, California has taken steps to protect these vulnerable drivers, so personal injury claims are accepted even if a driver was fragile at the time of the accident.

That means that a defendant cannot argue that their actions wouldn’t have injured a younger, healthier driver. They are responsible for any injuries that they cause, provided that the senior citizen was not at fault for the accident.

Preexisting Injuries And Personal Injuries

For a long time, drivers often got away without having to pay for damages because the person they injured had a preexising injury. Often, their lawyer would argue that they weren’t to blame for most of the injured party’s medical bills, since the injured party already had medical issues before the accident.

California has tried to protect drivers by passing legislation that says negligent drivers are responsible for any aggravation of preexisting injuries. That means that you should be able to win compensation for an accident that made your preexisting condition worse

Even with these laws, however, getting the money you are owed in a car accident can be complicated. Insurance companies or other drivers will try to downplay the extent to which they aggravated your preexisting condition. Even if you do get a payout for your personal injury claim, it may not come close to covering your medical bills.

If you are an elderly driver, they may also try to blame you for the accident, claiming that you were not fit to be behind the wheel. They may go after your medical history and try to show that you were irresponsible for choosing to drive.

You Need An Experienced Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer

That’s why you need a skilled Riverside personal injury lawyer to fight for you. At Montgomery Steele, we have years of experience fighting for our clients, winning them the maximum possible settlement. We don’t let insurance companies or other lawyers walk over our clients.

We know finding a great lawyer can be tough. That’s why we offer a free consultation. We work with you directly to help you build the strongest cases possible, and always fight for the biggest payout we can get. Your focus should be on your recovery. Let us handle the rest.

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